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Luke Price started a media company off the back of the Youtube Channel he started in high school and a few viral videos about singing police men. It doesn't sound very glamorous, we know, but Luke mastered telling any kind of story well through the viewfinder of a cheap DSLR camera. In 2018, Luke started making commercials for businesses and recording weddings at cheap rates. When these films reached the public, more opportunities to be creative came his way. Luke quickly saw the need to find ways to expand his company. 


In early 2019, Price launched the photography branch of the company by hiring a photographer from Tennessee that would head the operation. "Ramon Pineda is a talented artist that sees still photos in a way that I don't see from 95% of photographers. When I decided I wanted to launch a photography branch, I knew exactly who was going to be in charge!" Luke said. "Ramon took the first pictures that booked my jobs in modeling actually! He is the real deal!" 


Luke Price Studios wants to deliver high quality photo, video, and graphic design work to clients at fractions of the price. 


Luke's mission statement was ,"My goal is to treat people with kindness, treat them with respect, and bring art into there lives however they need me to do it, but at a price and a way they can afford it."


Ramón Pineda 

Director of Photography

Ramón has a keen eye for detail and has a look that makes him stand out from any other photographers in the area. Even in the days when Ramon was using limited equipment, he was still creating portraits that could not be replicated. He describes his style as "timeless." His goal is to create a body of work where portrait and fashion meets modern style. 

Luke D. Price 

Founder, CEO

Luke uses his passion for videography to run a vlog on Youtube. There, he lets his personal creative energy flow and connects with his subscribers. Luke loves to interact with people, so sharing his life via his vlog is always exciting! Follow along below: 

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